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Maruthi Media Billing & CRM is a web based product to help cable/IP TV operators to manage their business in an efficient way. Using this application, the operators can manage their customers, connections, set-top box information, package subscriptions, Bill generation, Payment collection from customer, customer complaints tracking. This application can be used as a single online platform to increase the cable operator revenues & increase the customer satisfactory.

Unanimously, the most frequent points of business-customer conflict are the billing process. While the businesses may argue that the price is just for the service provided, the customer can raise concerns about the escalated prices beyond the quotation. The reality could vary according to each case; it’s clearly unsustainable for business to follow an unclear billing practice.

A sustainable business-customer relationship should be based on mutual exchange of values. Although stated simply, the business failing to keep true to this idea could see their customer relationships turn sour. With countless review platforms, a single bad review could get more eyeballs than numerous positive impacts.

A substantially strong customer relationship is built on two factors.

1.      Giving a clear understanding of your Service to your customers

2.      Articulate the incurring expenses at each stage

With the Implementation of CRM billing software, you can avoid the billing issues and improve the customer process.


 CRM support can help media companies with an ability to promote suite of offers and packs, which done conventionally, take a great amount of time and effort. By automating the process through our well designed CRM platform it becomes customer friendly resulting in seamless work for the company and a friendly experience to the end user.


 Payments are something that the customer and the company are very careful about. The primary means of avoiding billing problems would be to make it easy for the customers to finish their payments.

The MM CRM can accept simultaneous payments from different payment pathways. It also integrates the different payments gateways into a single dashboard. Now you can directly view the progress of each customer across the sales channel. It also eliminates any possibility for any miscommunication and potentially missing any acquired payments.


Customers receiving accurate, concise and on-time invoices are much more less to raise issues or delay the payment. Some business quite often fails to quote accurate invoices, which are consistent with the quoted rates. And the account section cannot take a moment-off, with continuous juggling between various customers at different stage of payments. The CRM billing enables you to accurately list the different service or product packages, along with the price for each listed item.

 ·Manage customers 

 Focus on service has become ever important with customers being very skeptical about the service provided by any company. Managing your customers is most crucial for any business; for online media companies, it is even more important as service and communication happens virtually, keeping your customers happy is relative to success of your business. MM CRM has an innovative customer management system, which shows the full customer order history making it easier for the customer and also to the representative helping the customer in case of a service request.

 ·Manage agents 

In a Media environment, it’s important to manage employees, freelancers, and corresponding agencies efficiently for coherent functioning. If you are handling a team, especially when you are engaging a team of freelancers, the CRM gives immediate perspective about payments and rates. The MM CRM allows you to move beyond the default in-efficient flat rate hiring, adapting better rate contracting system. Now you can contribute to customers based on more capable rate contracting system, rewarding employees with respect to the completed progress or individual contributions. With CRM payment management software, handling a team across the country or world is only a part-time process.

·Manage services 

 Managing and tracking of services would be a herculean task if done manually, however, with our CRM it takes just a click of the button for you to realize how efficiently we have enabled our customers to manage different services across the board, there is no limit to the number of services you can manage.

  • Manage packages 

 In this day and age where people are very choosy on what they would like to order versus how much money they spend on services- creating a tailor made package for the customer’s specific needs has become extremely important to show/prove value for money for customers. With our robust platform, you can stop worrying about the right packages, as we give you a thorough insight on performance of each package, thus enabling you to create a more efficient package for your customers.

Likewise, customers through our affable user interface can easily browse through and choose the right package which suits them. When customers feel value for money, they tend to stay loyal to the product.

  •  Reports

 Reports are the crux of any business function; they enable you to analyze the business health. MM CRM brings to you a comprehensive reporting and analysis system, giving you the market insight, business analysis, customer order patterns, in depth view of each service on your directory. It also helps you in future business projections and effectively planning your revenues and payments.

  • Billing Generation 

 Invoicing and Bill Generation with MM CRM is as easy as pie. Right invoicing, bill generation dates, payment due date notifications are a fundamental part of our CRM, everything is automated and you can be rest assured that the customer is receiving the right bills at the right time.

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